How to Have Healthy Hair: 6 Tips to Save Your Hair

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Texas is known for its long hot summer days – perfect for trips to the lake or lounging by the pool. However, all that heat and humidity can leave you with hair that looks like it’s ready for life support. With these simple 6 tips, you can learn how to have healthy hair so that your mane will remain lustrous all summer long.

1. Block It Out

You’ve applied sunscreen before hitting the beach but don’t forget about your hair this summer. Most come in a spray form you can spritz in throughout the day, but there are also leave-in conditioners and other styling product options. Not only will sunscreen for your hair protect your beautiful locks from becoming brittle and dry, but these products will also add an extra shine and moisture.

2. Don’t Be a Hot Head

Use the least amount of heat as possible. Try to stay away from Flat Ironing, curling and even blow drying everyday.

3. Make the Cut

The heat can cause already damaged ends to further split up the hair shaft causing unwanted frizz. Trim your hair every 6-8 weeks to keep hair healthy & frizz free.

4. Fight the Frizz

Nothing says summertime like a fresh set of braids ready for some fun in the sun! Braids are more than just pretty — their practical too. You can sweat, swim or do whatever your heart desires without worrying about unwanted frizz.

5. Clear Things Up

Summer is a great time to invest in a clarifying shampoo. It’s much more targeted and powerful than your normal shampoo and has the ability to cut through tough buildup, stubborn gunk and leftover product residue. Use it once a week to give your hair and scalp a nice deep clean.

6. Make a Splash

Leave your hair looking vibrant and healthy with a salon deep conditioning treatment. This will restore moisture back to your hair after the summer heat, beach water, and pool water.

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