Holly Dear | Hair Stylist | House of Dear Hair Salon | Dallas, TX

Holly Dear

Founder – Master Stylist

Meet Holly Dear, the Master Hair Artist behind House of Dear. Holly has taken her lifelong love of beauty and haircare and created an outstanding brand based on this premise: haircare is more than an art, it’s a clean science.

Holly’s love of beauty, haircare and fashion began in early childhood. She pursued an International Business degree before studying under legendary hair artist Guy Mascolo. During her time with Toni & Guy, she mastered precision cutting, styling techniques and played a vital roles in art direction, education, management and product development.

In the ensuing years, Holly came to believe that today’s haircare products are designed to camouflage problem instead of treating them at the source. This realization sparked an intense commitment to her mission to create clean haircare products that actually perform by treating the hair from the inside out. Holly partnered with a world-renowned Italian chemist and botanist to learn how to create haircare products that harness the power of nature to solve our beauty challenges.

Holly’s mission incorporates a strong educational based movement that allows her clients to empower themselves to make informed decisions about how to care for their hair. Her award-winning salon in Dallas, TX is the genesis for her beauty and haircare line which serves to highlight her dedication to providing only the highest quality, clean products and experiences.

Holly’s long, illustrious career in the haircare industry has landed her global recognition and allowed her to collaborate with revolutionary hair artists and brands.