Hello Beach Babe: How to Get Soft, Subtle, Wavy Hair

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How do celebs like Chrissy Teigen and Kim Kardashian get such flawless, touchable beach waves? Wavy hair is a universal hair trend adored by A-list celebs and everyday hair lovers alike. There’s just something about having soft, subtle wavy hair that makes us feel sexy.

Since we’re in Dallas, it’s not like we can just spend the afternoon at the beach to get that sexy wavy hair. But don’t worry, we’ve got the next best thing. Our hair care experts have gathered the best tips and tricks so you can get soft, subtle wavy hair. No sand required.

Get A Sea-Salt Spray

Want beach waves but can’t go to the beach every day? Bring the beach with you! Try using a sea-salt spray that has a touch of oil or other natural soothing ingredients in it. Spritz it through your damp hair and let it air dry.

Use Your Curling Iron for More Waves

Sea-salt spray can add gorgeous waves to your hair, but sometimes it’s just not enough. Especially if you have fine or straight hair. To add extra volume and some more waves, try using a large curling iron (look for a two-inch barrel). Make sure to twirl your hair away from your face.

Throw It in A Bun

If you’re feeling a little too lazy to style your hair after the shower, just throw it in a bun! No, seriously. While your hair is still damp from the shower, spritz it with some volumizing spray and sea salt spray, then split it off into four sections. Twist each section into a tight little bun, pinning each bun in place.

Sleep with then buns in and in the morning, take them out. Rake through your hair with your fingers, and revive any limp pieces with some more sea salt spray and the curling iron. After that, you’ll be beach babe ready!

Love wavy hair but need help recreating this look? No worries! Come see one of our awesome stylists and they’ll help you recreate the beach waves of your dreams. No trips to the beach required!

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