6 Things You Need to Know About Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions have gotten a bad rap in the past; The color doesn’t quite match your natural color; the clips sometimes peek out; the hair extensions are way too long. These are all telltale signs that you have hair extensions in, but when they’re done right you won’t be able to tell the difference between your real hair and the extensions. Our hair experts have broken down what you need to know about hair extensions.

1. There are different kinds of hair extensions

There are clip-ins, bonded extensions, sew-ins, weaves, and tape-in extensions. So many options – we know! How are you supposed to know which is the right kind of your hair? Our House of Dear hair extension experts will help you choose the best hair extensions based on your natural hair and the look you’re going for.

2. Make sure your extensions are installed correctly

If your extensions aren’t installed or removed incorrectly, they can be really damaging to your hair. Extensions can be stressful on our hair follicles and can potentially result in hair loss if they’re not done correctly. When your extensions are installed and an extension feels like it’s straining a piece of your hair, tell your stylist so they can fix it immediately.

3. Consider is hair extensions are right for your lifestyle

Hair extensions certainly aren’t for everyone. If you don’t usually set aside time for your hair every day then extensions probably aren’t for you. Do you go swimming a lot, love updos or change the color of your hair often? If you answered yes to these, you might want to consider skipping hair extensions for now.

4. You have to care for your hair extensions

The key to keeping your extensions looking fabulous is keeping them untangled. If you’re sleeping with your extensions in, sleep with a loose braid or ballerina bun. Be sure to gently brush your hair throughout the day to battle inevitable tangles and knots.

5. Hair extensions are made in different ways

Your extensions can be either human or synthetic. Using human hair is always preferred because it offers a more natural-looking result, and it allows the extensions to be treated as your own. Synthetic hair is a lower quality, and it may be more obvious that you have extensions in because the hair isn’t real. Human hair can be colored, curled, and straightened the way that synthetic hair cannot.

6. See a hair extension expert

If you decide to get extensions, don’t just go to any hair stylist. Do your research on the perfect hair extension expert for you. Having the right stylist will not only ensure your extensions look fabulous and natural, but they also won’t damage your hair in the long run.

Are you ready to make the commitment and finally get extensions? Come see one of our hair experts at House of Dear! We’ll have you looking like Rapunzel and feeling like a beauty queen.

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